US media: if it is black people who attack the Capitol, the police will be more severe

According to the website of USA today on January 18, a recent poll conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University found that most Americans believe that if the majority of the protestors who attacked the Capitol building were black rather than white, the police would respond more severely.

According to the report, 55% believed that the law enforcement departments would adopt more severe tactics to deal with the riot, while 28% believed that the law enforcement departments would make the same response, almost twice as much as the latter. Only 9% said that if the protestors were mainly black, the response of law enforcement would be less severe.

“It shows the world to some extent the existence of white privilege and the real fear of color in the judicial system,” said Jonathan muteba, a 28 year old engineer from Somerville, Massachusetts. &”Muteba, an African American, said he was shocked by the double standards he saw. “If it’s a group of black people, there will be more bloodshed,” he said. ”

According to the report, US President-elect Biden and civil rights leaders showed the police the use of large-scale force to deal with the “black life is also important” protest in Washington last year, compared with their reaction to trump supporters who attacked the Capitol building on January 6 and threatened members of Parliament.

Biden said: “no one can tell me what would have happened to a group of” black people’s lives are important “protestors yesterday. They should not be treated differently from those who attacked the Capitol building. ”


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