Go out and wear sunglasses to protect the eyes of the elderly

Go out and wear sunglasses to protect the eyes of the elderly

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Go out and wear sunglasses to protect the eyes of the elderly

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Old people need to wear sunglasses when they go out. Recently, Ou Yang, deputy chief ophthalmologist of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said in an interview with reporters that the greater the intensity and the longer the duration of exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun, the higher the chance of the elderly suffering from cataract and the faster the development of cataract. Therefore, it is suggested that the elderly should wear a pair of anti ultraviolet glasses, such as sunglasses with polarizing function.

Over 70 years old, 80% of them have cataract,

Cataract is one of the main eye diseases that cause low vision and blindness. According to the Ministry of health statistics, the ratio of cataract to the elderly in China over 60 years old is 75%. The incidence rate of elderly people over 70 is over 80%, and it increases at the rate of 8%-10% per year.

When it comes to cataracts, Ouyang explains that lens opacity affects vision, which is called cataract in medicine.

The higher the incidence rate of age, the more serious the lens opacity, the more serious the symptoms of visual impairment. Eventually affect the normal life, daily life, such as crossing the road can not see the traffic lights, acquaintances face-to-face also can not see clearly, the bus to the front to see is a few bus, the result has not had time to get on the bus, the bus has gone. What’s more, cataracts develop to over mature stage, which directly leads to blindness and inability to take care of themselves. This kind of blindness leads to the inconvenience of life, the psychological burden, and makes the elderly more lonely. Therefore, we should prevent and pay attention to the cataract eye disease of the middle-aged and old people.

Eye patch can’t treat cataract

Cataract treatment can be divided into conservative treatment and surgical treatment, the former treatment effect is limited, and surgery is the only way to cure cataract, it will be turbid lens replaced by transparent intraocular lens, so it can be completely cured. Experts stressed that due to technological progress, when the corrected visual acuity of patients is lower than 0.4 or 0.5, which affects their work and life, surgery can be considered and there is no need to wait.

1. Eye drops wpap60302br

At present, no matter which kind of eye drops can not cure cataract or reverse the progress of cataract disease, it may play a certain role in delaying the progress of the disease in some patients.

2. Eye patch

At present, there are all kinds of eye patches on the market, which generally exaggerate the efficacy and claim to treat all kinds of eye diseases. But all eye patches are health care products and have no definite therapeutic function for eye diseases. Some products may play a role in alleviating asthenopia. At present, no eye patch can cure cataract or reverse the process of cataract disease.

3. Oral drug

Traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese patent medicine with the effect of tonifying liver and kidney, tonifying essence and improving eyesight has a certain therapeutic effect on cataract.

Zhiduo D slows down the progress of cataract

There are some factors that can accelerate the progress of cataract, in daily life, we should pay attention to prevention.

1. The greater the intensity and the longer the duration of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, the higher the chance of cataract in the elderly, and the faster the development of cataract. Experts suggest that middle-aged and elderly people wear a pair of anti ultraviolet glasses when outdoor activities: such as polarized sunglasses.

2. diabetes research results show that the incidence rate of cataract in diabetic patients is significantly higher than that in normal population. The age of senile cataract in diabetics is obviously advanced. Therefore, diabetic patients should control blood sugar in normal and stable range.

3. Drinking plenty of water in the case of dehydration, the normal metabolism in the body is prone to disorder, resulting in the osmotic pressure imbalance between the lens and aqueous humor, accelerating the development of cataract. Therefore, the elderly in peacetime dehydration, especially in the face of various causes of diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, should be timely rehydration.

4. Studies on nutritional disorders show that a certain amount of vitamin C and vitamin E supplementation is beneficial to reduce the oxidative damage of lens and protect lens. In addition, dietary intake of appropriate amount of β – carotene and vitamin A can reduce the possibility of cataract. β – carotene is mostly contained in dark green leaves of vegetables, orange and red fruits and vegetables are also more, such as tomatoes, peaches, watermelon and carrots. Animal liver, egg and milk are the best direct sources of vitamin A. Prevention of cataract can also be appropriate to eat some selenium rich food, such as asparagus, mushrooms, grains, fish, shrimp and so on.

5. Some drugs, such as glucocorticoids, allopurinol and sedatives, can lead to cataract and accelerate the development of cataract. It is suggested not to take them for a long time unless necessary.

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Go out and wear sunglasses to protect the eyes of the elderly

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