“Great uncle” gout not only “pain” but also hurt joints, kidney and blood vessels

“Great uncle” gout not only “pain” but also hurt joints, kidney and blood vessels

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Female has “big aunt”, male has “big uncle”, and more painful than “big aunt”! This is the pain of gout. The reason why it is called “great uncle” is that gout is more popular among men. Sometimes as long as a little movement of joints, or even around a slight wind flow, will immediately cry out in pain. Experts pointed out that in fact, in addition to joint injury, gout does harm to the kidney and blood vessels of the whole body, which can be treated with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

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Two reasons: eating a lot of high purine food and lack of exercise

Gout is classified as “Bi syndrome” in TCM. Huang Qingchun, a famous doctor of gushengtang and director of rheumatology department of Guangdong Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said that Bi syndrome is caused by wind, cold, dampness and heat invading the human body, blocking meridians and blood circulation. In ancient medical books, Bi syndrome was also called Li Jie, Bai Hu Li Jie, gout and so on. Generally speaking, gout is a crystal related joint disease caused by monosodium urate (MSU) deposition, which is directly related to hyperuricemia caused by purine metabolism disorder and / or reduced uric acid excretion. It can be divided into primary gout and secondary gout. The former is mostly related to heredity, while the latter refers to a clinical manifestation secondary to other diseases, which can also be caused by some drugs.

Gout was once known as “the disease of wealth” and “the disease of emperor” in ancient times. Nowadays, more and more young people are suffering from gout. Huang Qingchun said that at present, more than 200 million people in China suffer from hyperuricemia, and about 10% – 15% of them will develop gout. Huang Qingchun said that high uric acid has become the fourth highest after hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia.

“Eating a lot of high purine food, including seafood, beer, animal viscera, Laohuo soup and so on, and at the same time lacking enough exercise, lead to the influence of uric acid metabolism, which are two major reasons.”

Great harm

Damage joint, kidney, blood vessel, islet function, etc

Hyperuricemia is very harmful. It is mainly reflected in five aspects:

One is the harm to joints. In acute arthritis stage, soft tissue swelling, joint redness, swelling and heat pain can be seen; in chronic stage or recurrent attack, patients can show subcortical cyst and gout stone, urate crystals are deposited in joint cavity or tissue, which can eventually cause damage to tissue and structure, with chisel like and worm like bone destruction, which can seriously affect joint function.

The second is the harm to the kidney. Long term hyperuricemia and urate deposition complicated with renal lesions can affect renal function. About 1 / 3 of the patients may have renal lesions, mainly manifested as chronic urate nephropathy, uric acid urinary calculi and so on.

Third, it is harmful to the blood vessels of the whole body. The blood circulation of uric acid in the body will adhere to the vascular wall in the form of crystal, causing vascular damage or vascular stenosis, thus secondary cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Fourth, it is harmful to islet function. Without standardized treatment, serum uric acid is maintained at a high level for a long time, which is easy to cause insulin resistance and develop into diabetes.

The fifth is the unknown harm. Hyperuricemia has some unknown metabolic disorders in vivo, such as liver and fat metabolism.

Treatment method

Both Chinese and Western medicine have their own advantages.

Gout treatment, to find specialist evaluation, specialist treatment.

Western medicine treatment. Acute gout can be treated with anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs; intermittent hyperuricemia can promote uric acid excretion and inhibit the synthesis of uric acid drugs, usually appropriate to take alkaline sodium bicarbonate tablets, soda water, promote the decomposition of uric acid.

TCM treatment. Simiao pill, Tongfengding and other traditional Chinese medicine have better effect on the treatment of gout. However, the decision should be made after dialectical analysis according to the individual situation of patients.

In addition to taking medicine, we also need to adjust our lifestyle by integrating our physique and weight to achieve better results.

Folk spread let male patients eat Wuji Baifeng pill for gout. Huang Qingchun believes that this prescription mainly relies on estrogen to promote the decomposition of some uric acid. However, eating too much may be feminine, so it is not recommended to eat too much.

Ask traditional Chinese medicine


Do you always drool when you sleep?

Many people drool when they sleep or even take a nap in the office. What the hell is going on? Need intervention?

Q: Often drool, what is the reason?

Gushengtang: adults have a lot of saliva. In addition to improper sleeping posture, it may also be a pathological phenomenon, which can be divided into the following categories: wpap60302br

1. Oral inflammation. May be due to glossitis, gingivitis, oral ulcer pain caused by dysphagia and drooling. Oral mucosa damage, ulceration, inflammation or tooth deformity and other lesions can stimulate salivary glands, increase salivary secretion, leading to drooling.

2. Respiratory tract infection. Cold caused by nasal congestion, poor breathing, many people have to switch to mouth breathing, rest mouth also open, saliva will flow out naturally.

3. Nervous system diseases. Carbon monoxide poisoning, encephalitis, meningitis sequelae, facial nerve palsy, mental retardation, etc. can damage the sympathetic nerve and swallowing nerve or nerve center that dominate the salivary gland, causing salivary gland secretion imbalance and causing salivary outflow.

4. Spleen deficiency. The five internal organs of the human body correspond to five kinds of body fluids, and the spleen corresponds to saliva. Sleep easy to drool is caused by the spleen and stomach damp heat can not rise, turbid gas can not drop caused by, for a long time will halitosis.

Q: How to take care of food?

Gushengtang: it is suitable to eat the food that can invigorate the spleen and replenish qi, invigorate the spleen and stimulate digestion, such as japonica rice, canmi, Guoba (jiaoguo), job’s tears, Atractylodes macrocephala, cooked lotus root, millet, yam, lentils, potatoes, grapes, red dates, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, etc.

Sweet potato. It can nourish spleen and blood, replenish qi and relieve constipation. People with spleen deficiency can use sweet potato as staple food and often eat it.

Date. People with spleen deficiency, diarrhea, weak stomach and insufficient Qi and blood should often take jujube.

Wheat. Wheat is a kind of grain food with cool nature and sweet taste. It has the functions of strengthening the heart and protecting the kidney, clearing away heat and stopping thirst. It is suitable for people with spleen deficiency who are thirsty, upset and loss of appetite.

Prevention of gout starts with diet, weight control and exercise

Tips Huang Qingchun pointed out that gout prevention is more important than treatment. Daily prevention of gout should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Reduce the intake of high purine diet and high fructose beverage, eat more fresh vegetables, and eat less beer, seafood, animal viscera, Laohuo soup and other foods with high purine content.

2. Maintain standard weight.

3. Have good exercise habits, but also avoid strenuous exercise.

4. Drink more than 2000 ml per day.

5. No smoking and alcohol.

6. Blood uric acid level should be tested regularly. If the serum uric acid is more than 500 umol / L, it can be intervened properly.

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