Is the insect flying blind? Flying mosquito disease is not so terrible

Is the insect flying blind? Flying mosquito disease is not so terrible – New Express by Chen Sitao on August 28, 2018

Interview expert: Wang Xiaochuan, deputy chief ophthalmologist of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese Medicine

“I remember when I was a child, I could look at the sun clearly, and I would examine the texture of things that were contemptuous, so I was interested in things outside.” Many patients experienced the fun of chasing flying mosquitoes with their eyes when they were young. They thought that their eyes had a special magnifying effect, and they would not be bothered by transparent and gray linear, flocculent and agglomerated objects. Until one day, fly mosquito disease suddenly aggravated, flying black mass, black spots appear in front of us regardless of time and place, patients can not concentrate, reading, sports and life are affected, feel the brain to explode, but also bear the psychological burden of worrying about blindness. Why does fly mosquito disease change from mild to fierce? Can fly mosquito disease be saved? Wang Xiaochuan, deputy chief ophthalmologist of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine, said that physiological flying mosquito disease has little impact on vision, and patients do not need to worry too much; pathological flying mosquito disease should be paid attention to and treated as soon as possible to prevent visual deterioration caused by retinopathy.

New express reporter Chen Sitao

A. There are physiological and pathological types of floaters.

“In medicine, floater disease is called vitreous opacity.” Wang Xiaochuan, deputy chief ophthalmologist of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine, said that flying mosquito disease is a common eye disease. Many patients in the outpatient department have the problem of mosquitoes flying in front of their eyes and floating shadows. Especially in the white and bright background, the symptoms of flying mosquito disease are more obvious, and some patients also have flashing shadows Feeling.

The disease can be divided into physiological and pathological. Physiological flying mosquito disease is mainly due to the increase of age and the change of body tissue structure, which leads to vitreous liquefaction. The vitreous is a jelly like structure in the eyeball, which is equivalent to the lens of a camera. It is filled in the eyeball and plays the role of refracting light and supporting and fixing the retina. Under normal circumstances, the vitreous is transparent, the main component is water; with the growth of age, the aging of the body, the vitreous also degenerates, showing liquefaction, concentration. Just like the separation of water and colloid in jelly, after the water in the vitreous body is absorbed and concentrated, the colloidal protein will appear dot like, linear and mass like floating substances. When the degenerative substance in the vitreous just floats on the patient’s visual axis, the patient will feel the flying mosquito.

The pathological flying mosquito disease is mostly related to trauma, inflammation and fundus hemorrhage. Compared with the physiological flying mosquito disease, the symptoms are more severe, accompanied by vision loss, so it needs to be treated as soon as possible.

B the incidence rate of elderly and high myopia is high

More than 50% of the elderly have this symptom. Wang Xiaochuan said that vitreous degeneration always occurs with age and cannot be prevented. Children as young as 4 years old and adults as old as 40 years old may have vitreous degeneration and liquefaction.

Wang Xiaochuan suggested that patients accept the process of natural aging of body structure. As long as the doctor says that there is no problem with the fundus after examination, there is no need to worry too much about simple and physiological flying mosquito disease, and the impact on vision is small.

Another high-risk group is high myopia patients, 60% ~ 70% of them will have flying mosquito problems. Because the eyeball is a near sphere, the eyeball of high myopia patients will be elongated and deformed. At this time, the supporting ability of the vitreous body filled in the eyeball will be reduced, and it is very easy to fall off from the retinal surface, forming flying mosquito disease.

Drug and laser therapy can be used to treat c-floater.

The diagnosis of flying mosquito disease, first of all to carry out basic visual examination, the most important is mydriasis examination. Wang Xiaochuan pointed out that the effect of the examination of flying mosquito disease under the small pupil is usually not ideal. It is necessary to dilate the pupil for about 7 ~ 8mm, and check whether there are retinal degeneration, retinal hole and other problems with the equipment for checking the fundus of the eye, such as the front mirror, three mirror and panretinal mirror.

If it is vitreous hemorrhage caused by trauma, vitreous hemorrhage caused by inflammation, diabetic retinopathy and retinal vein occlusion, it is necessary to be hospitalized for surgery, such as vitrectomy and tamponade.

If retinopathy is found during mydriasis examination in patients with flying mosquito disease, laser should be done to close the retinal hole and prevent more serious complications. Basically, a laser treatment can be handled, as an outpatient operation is not difficult. However, laser treatment can not completely improve the symptoms of flying mosquitoes. The purpose of laser closure of retinal lesions is to prevent them from happening. Otherwise, once the vitreous body falls off from the retina, it will cause traction and detachment of the retina, and laser can not solve the problem. Patients must be hospitalized for surgery. The patient needs to return to the doctor one month after the laser operation to check whether the laser sealing place is firm and safe. If the number of flying mosquitoes increases in the future and there is flash in front of the eyes, the patient can go to see a doctor again.

The use of iodine containing preparations and eye drops can reduce and slow down vitreous opacity. But the treatment effect varies from person to person, some patients are more sensitive to drugs, the effect is better, and the symptoms will be significantly improved; after medication, the symptoms do not change significantly, and do not over anxiety, physiological flying mosquito disease has limited impact on vision.

In addition, some patients feel that they can “self heal” without medication. This is because the floating vitreous opacity drifts away from the direction of the visual axis, so the patients can’t see the flying mosquitoes.

The number of d-flying mosquitoes increased suddenly, so we should be alert to

During the self-examination of patients with flying mosquito disease, the number of flying mosquitoes can be counted. When the number does not change for a long time and is relatively stable, there is no need to worry too much.

Although physiological floater disease has little effect on vision, patients still can not relax their vigilance. Once the number of flying mosquitoes increases, if you can see 1-2 flying mosquitoes for a long time, but the number suddenly increases, there is a feeling of flash in front of your eyes, and even there is a decline in vision and visual deformation, you may have pathological flying mosquito disease, and you need to see a doctor in time. The purpose is to prevent and treat retinopathy, which is the most important and important part of vision. Once there is damage, it will have a great impact on vision. However, vitreous opacity has less effect on visual acuity and can be removed and filled with substitutes.

Tips how to prevent floaters?

Don’t use your eyes for a long time. Don’t use your eyes in the dark. When you face the continuous operation of the electronic screen, you should pay attention to rest. When you use your eyes excessively, you should pay attention to doing eye exercises to relieve visual fatigue.

A healthy diet. Eat foods containing zinc and selenium, including fish, eggs and poultry.

Avoid carrying heavy objects. Holding breath, shaking head and shaking body are easy to cause shaking of internal structure of eyeball when carrying heavy objects or strenuous exercise. If the patient has flying mosquito problem, it may cause more serious complications, such as posterior vitreous detachment and retinal hole.

Use eye drops scientifically. The use of iodized eye drops under the guidance of doctors can reduce vitreous opacity.

Introduction to experts

Wang Xiaochuan

Associate Professor, deputy chief ophthalmologist of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine, member of fundus diseases of Guangdong Association of traditional Chinese medicine, member of eye and systemic diseases association of Guangdong Province, member of Guangdong Medical Association.

Good at integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of fundus diseases, diabetic eye complications, macular disease, fundus laser, eye special examination, etc.

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