Two moves keep you away from hemorrhoids

Two moves keep you away from hemorrhoids by Chen Hui and Zhang Qiuxia

Two moves keep you away from hemorrhoids

Pelvic lift

Article / Yangcheng Evening News reporter Chen Hui correspondent Zhang Qiuxia / Chen Hui

There are folk sayings of “nine hemorrhoids for ten men” and “nine hemorrhoids for ten women”. Hemorrhoids is also a common problem for the elderly. To avoid hemorrhoids, or to prevent recurrence of hemorrhoids, we might as well often do anal movement and pelvic movement.

A sedentary people are most likely to get hemorrhoids

Sun Feng, deputy chief physician of anorectal Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine, said that there are many reasons for hemorrhoids, such as dietary factors, stool habits, and bad living habits such as sitting for a long time.

Why can sedentary lead to hemorrhoids? Because of the influence of venous reflux, the blood flow in pelvic cavity is slow and the abdominal organs are congested, which causes hemorrhoid vein overfilling, the tension of vein wall is decreased, and the blood vessels are easy to expand.

In addition, due to lack of exercise, intestinal peristalsis decreased, fecal slow down, or habitual constipation, compression and stimulation of the vein, local congestion and blood backflow obstacles, causing hemorrhoid venous pressure increased, venous wall resistance decreased.

B persisting in anal lifting exercise can prevent hemorrhoids

Lifting anus exercise has a certain curative effect on the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids. It mainly uses the process of lifting anus to increase local muscle activity, so as to improve the local venous blood circulation and reduce venous stasis and varicose veins.

Before going to bed or getting up at night, it is more suitable to do anal lifting exercise, and the time for each anal lifting exercise is about 10 minutes.

Anal movement is also to pay attention to the method, the first is to bend the knees, people should lie flat; and then keep the buttock muscle contraction upward anal, maintain 5 seconds later, and then slowly relax, so repeat.

Breathing should also be maintained as usual during exercise, and the rest of the body should be relaxed. If you want to know if you are doing it right, you can feel your abdomen with your hands. If there is contraction, it means that the exercise is wrong. You should adjust it in time.

Any kind of exercise is not achieved in one move, it needs to be adhered to slowly. As a practical and effective exercise method, anus lifting exercise has the dual role of treatment and prevention. Many experts advocate the use of this method.

C pelvic lifting can promote blood flow back

Hemorrhoids is due to poor blood circulation, long-term siltation, poor return caused by anal varices. Besides lifting the anus, lifting the pelvis can also prevent hemorrhoids to a certain extent.

Pelvic lifting: lie on your back, bend your knees, keep your heels close to your hips, use the soles of your feet and shoulders as fulcrum, lift your pelvis, lift your anus, and lower your pelvis when you relax. After mastering, cooperate with breathing, inhale when lifting anus, exhale when relaxing, 1 to 3 times a day, 20 times each time.

Special reminder ▶▶▶

Eat less spicy, drink less

Spicy diet is absolutely taboo for patients with hemorrhoids. If you eat hot pot, you should avoid spicy food. Spicy food can cause rectal blood vessels to swell and burst. Drinking is also one of the causes of hemorrhoids, while eating spicy while drinking is more dangerous, alcohol can make the perineal vein more “lazy”, stagnate more blood.

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