Drinking more water to prevent chronic pharyngitis in air-conditioned room for a long time

Drinking more water to prevent chronic pharyngitis in air-conditioned room for a long time

Jinyang.com Author: Zhang Hualin Huifang September 6, 2018

By Zhang Hua, reporter of jinyang.com, correspondent Lin Huifang,

In the office, there are always people who try to clear their throat from time to time, and some people even can’t speak because of sore throat. Otolaryngology experts said that this is likely to be the manifestation of chronic pharyngitis. Nowadays, it is not only people who smoke and drink too much will suffer from chronic pharyngitis. Long time in the air-conditioned room, the air is dry, which is very easy to cause pharyngeal mucosal vasoconstriction, local resistance decline, and poor indoor air circulation, which is also easy to cause resistance decline and pathogenic microorganism invasion, forming chronic inflammation. Therefore, the white-collar workers in the air-conditioned room should drink more water and strengthen air circulation to reduce the incidence of chronic pharyngitis.

Dry itching pain, chronic pharyngitis people always like to clear their throat,

Mr. Li, who is over 30 years old, has always felt that his voice is stuck in the past half year. He is itchy, dry, burning and slightly painful. He can’t cough when he wants to cough, especially when he brushes his teeth at night and in the morning. He often has irritating cough and nausea when he gets up in the morning. Sometimes when he talks a little more, his voice will feel burning. Before long, his voice will be hoarse, dry and itchy But he could not help clearing his throat. He coughed every 2-3 minutes. The whole family was deeply disturbed by it, and he himself suffered.

So I went to the hospital to have an examination. The doctor found that Mr. Li’s pharyngeal mucosa was congested and small blood vessels were varicose, dark red, with a small amount of sticky secretion on the surface. According to Mr. Li’s clinical symptoms and signs, he was initially diagnosed as “chronic pharyngitis”.

Mai Fei, director of Otorhinolaryngology Department of Guangdong maternal and child health hospital, said that the main symptom of chronic pharyngitis is “throat discomfort”. As for the uncomfortable method, sometimes it is difficult for patients to say clearly, clearly and accurately. Different patients may have different symptoms:

Dry throat. Because of dryness, some people want to drink some water from time to time to wet their throat.

Sore throat. Most of them are caused by inflammatory stimulation. Most of them are slight pain, and the pain is obvious in acute attack.

Foreign body sensation in throat. If there is something stuck, stuck or stuck in the throat.

The throat itches. It’s very similar to the feeling of “ants crawling”. It’s easy to cough.

It is because of the above discomfort, patients with chronic pharyngitis often like “clear throat” or “half cough”. Consciously or consciously, deliberately and forcefully make a sound, in order to make the throat comfortable, but in fact it is harmful to the vocal cords.

Dry air conditioning room, chronic pharyngitis,

For doctors, teachers and other professions, they often speak with their voice. Chronic pharyngitis is also one of the occupational diseases of doctors and teachers. And long-term in the air-conditioning environment in the competitive pressure of white-collar work, has become another object of favor of chronic pharyngitis.

If the working environment is blocked and dry for a long time in the air-conditioned environment, it is easy to cause vasoconstriction of pharyngeal mucosa. The dry environment can also affect the secretion of pharyngeal mucus and ciliary peristalsis, reduce the cleaning and humidifying effect on the air, and directly cause irritation and damage to pharyngeal mucosa. Moreover, the poor indoor air circulation is also easy to cause the decline of resistance and the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms, and the pharynx is the first door for the human body to resist the invasion of pathogens, which is easy to form chronic inflammation under external stimulation.

In fact, if the symptoms of chronic pharyngitis are mild and there is no special discomfort, it can be completely treated without medication and only need self-care. For example, keep the indoor air moist, pay attention to drink more water to keep the throat moist, you can also take traditional Chinese medicine with throat moistening effect, such as bergamot, Siraitia grosvenorii, and so on, while western medicine buccal tablets can not be taken for a long time, otherwise it is easy to cause throat flora disorder. You can also use some Ziyin Qingre Chinese patent medicines, such as Jianmin Yanhou tablets, Guilin Watermelon cream, Caoshanhu buccal tablets, etc.

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