Lavrov: the West tries to shift the focus through the navarine incident

According to Russia’s “news” website on January 18, opposition figure navaline returned to Russia from Germany and was arrested at Sheremetyevo airport. Lavrov said Western politicians’ call for his release is an attempt to distract their own society from their own problems.

Lavrov said: “we see people taking advantage of yesterday’s news that navaline returned to Russia. You can feel that these comments written on carbon paper are full of happiness. Because there are signs that this makes western politicians think that they can use it to divert people’s attention from the deep crisis of the liberal development model. ”

He once again stressed that while western countries accused Russia of poisoning its citizens, they did not provide any evidence: for example, the questions raised by Russia to Germany were transferred to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and then returned to Germany. On the day of navarine’s arrest, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Berlin had responded to Russia’s inquiry. But the problem is that, as Maria zaharova, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said, “as always, these replies avoid the heavy and take the light.”;. Lavrov disclosed at a press conference that only the testimony of navaline himself and his wife Yulia was included in the reply.

“News” has previously reported that Russia proposed to exchange information with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons on this matter, and to analyze the samples of the victims in the Russian laboratory, but the organization is unwilling to provide its own results.


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