The U.S. government is reviewing Trump’s access to intelligence briefing or considering canceling it

The U.S. government is reviewing Trump's access to intelligence briefing or considering canceling it


Overseas network, February 2 (Xinhua) according to US media reports, shortly after former US President trump left the White House, the current government is considering canceling his access to intelligence briefing, but the decision has not yet been made.

When a reporter asked whether the current U.S. government would continue to grant trump access to confidential information, White House spokesman pousaki confirmed that Biden’s national security team is reviewing Trump’s access to confidential information. “It’s a good question,” pusaki said. “Obviously it’s a matter under review.”

The US media pointed out that the former president of the United States has traditionally been able to obtain intelligence briefing and confidential information, but some Democratic critics of trump believe that after the violent conflict in the US Congress, state secrets should not be handed over to the former president. In January, Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said on CBS that trump “should not get another intelligence briefing.”.

However, the final decision is in Biden’s hands. White House chief of staff Klein said in an interview earlier that Biden would wait until the national security adviser had completed the review before making a decision: “we will certainly seek the advice of intelligence professionals in the government and will act on it.” (Zhang Ni, overseas)

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