The Spring Festival is coming, Zhongying Street welcomes the high tide of sweeping goods

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, the Hong Kong side of Zhongying street has been closed. Due to the serious epidemic situation in Hong Kong, it has not yet been reopened. However, the mainland side is temporarily open. When the Lunar New Year is approaching, many tourists choose to go to Zhongying Street to purchase new year’s goods and daily necessities.

The on-the-spot visit by the reporter of Hong Kong found that the flow of people has recovered a lot, and many shops and streets are full of shoppers with big and small bags. The shops interviewed also said that although the annual business situation should be affected by the ups and downs of the epidemic situation, and the picking up cycle has also become longer, the business is getting better in recent two or three months. At the same time, they also expressed their concern about the recurrence of the epidemic situation “If we are afraid of another outbreak, we may close the customs again.” at that time, “we have to eat all these goods ourselves.”.

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