Analysis: US warns Burmese army to take action or take the opportunity to put pressure on China

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po comprehensive report: Myanmar’s sudden political situation has aroused great concern of the international community. U.N. Secretary General Guterres strongly condemned the detention of President Wen Min and senior minister Aung San Suu Kyi by the Burmese army, describing the incident as a serious blow to Myanmar’s democratic reform. The United States called on the Burmese army to release the detained persons, and warned that if the Burmese army refuses to withdraw the relevant measures such as taking over power, the United States would be more optimistic China will “take action” against the person in charge.

After the military took over power, a large number of soldiers were stationed in the market. (AFP)

Saturation of sanctions or diplomatic isolation

U.S. public opinion is concerned about whether Washington will intervene in the situation in Myanmar. The event is an early test of “how to deal with China’s influence in the region” for US President Biden, who has just taken office. The report points out that a key link in the U.S. strategy of fighting against China’s rise is to establish a “free and open” regional alliance with Asian countries, despite the fact that Aung San Suu Kyi’s image has declined greatly in recent years because of the Rohingya incident, but she still has many allies in the United States, and some members of Congress have asked for sanctions against the high-level Burmese military.

Peng Nian, deputy director of the maritime Silk Road Research Institute of the South China Sea Research Institute, believes that the United States will definitely intervene in the incident. He pointed out that Myanmar’s democratization process is promoted by the United States and one of its achievements. Now that the military takes over power, Myanmar’s democratization process is equivalent to a big step back, which is unacceptable to the United States. Therefore, the United States will certainly take action to change Myanmar As for the specific actions, the sanctions imposed by the United States on the Burmese army on the Rohingya issue have been saturated, and there are few available means left. It can not be ruled out that the United States will impose economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation on Myanmar, and even join forces with Australia, Japan and ASEAN to exert pressure.

Fan Hongwei, director of the center for Southeast Asian Studies at Xiamen University, said that during the period of former president trump, the U.S. government basically let go of Myanmar and paid more attention to Vietnam and Malaysia. However, during the previous Obama administration, the U.S. strategy of “Asia Pacific rebalancing” attached great importance to Myanmar. Therefore, the situation in Myanmar is likely to become an opportunity for Biden’s administration with the Obama administration as its team We should pay more attention to Myanmar and take advantage of Myanmar’s pressure on China.

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