Foreign media review 20 key moments in Trump’s four years in power

Although this is only a historical period, the summary is like Donald middot; Trump’s turbulent ruling period is undoubtedly an arduous task: in a divided country, with the continuous growth of racist speech and violence, trump conflicts with his partners while narrowing the distance from the enemy, even denies the pandemic when the epidemic strikes, and finally pays the price of election failure.

Here are 20 crucial moments since the Republican, who has no political experience but is famous for his arrogance and controversy in the media, became the 45th president of the United States.

two thousand and seventeen

January 20: after winning in November 2016, Donald Trump takes office with nearly 3 million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. In the days before and after the inauguration, large-scale protests broke out across the country, including the women’s march in Washington, resulting in the detention of more than 100 people.

January 25: trump launched the project of building a wall on the border with Mexico, which is one of his biggest promises in the election campaign. At the same time, he also made a breakthrough in immigration policy: ending the 28 year implementation of the “immigration protection plan.”;.

June 1: opposing the concept of climate change, believing that climate change is China’s “invention” and announcing that the United States withdraws from the Paris climate agreement because the agreement puts its economy at a “permanent disadvantage.”;. The US officially withdrew from the agreement on November 4, 2020, when trump was seeking re-election.


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