Foreign media: what will Biden do in the face of “sick” America?

On January 17, Spain’s Le Monde website published an article by journalist Pablo Pardo, entitled “Joe Biden: a president of the United States in injury, illness, division and economic crisis”, which summarizes the challenges Biden will face after taking office. The excerpts are as follows

The new US president will face historic challenges in the fields of health, race, society and politics. If he is re elected in 2024, he will also meet the challenge of China becoming the world’s largest economy. How will Biden address these challenges? Here is his strategy.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia: novel coronavirus pneumonia mortality, positive rate and hospitalization rate are breaking record when Biden took office. Paradoxically, Biden was elected president because of Trump’s failure to fight the epidemic, so at least until the summer, fighting the epidemic will be his top priority, and other issues will take second place. In fact, Biden has announced that it will expand the coverage of vaccination, including the deployment of FEMA’s immunization center nationwide, which is equivalent to universal vaccination. But in fact, everything shows that Biden will not be able to do more than his predecessor. Therefore, what he has to do is to boost people’s confidence and show that he is worried about people’s suffering, which is exactly what trump lacks.

Economy: never waste covid-19. The key is to make use of the economic crisis caused by the new crown outbreak to the extent possible, so as to reverse the US economy in different directions, especially in infrastructure, public transport and renewable energy. Initially, this seems to be the most feasible option. The energy transition has actually started on its own, because natural gas is squeezing coal out of the market, and states in the United States have great autonomy in industrial policy. What is more difficult is how to raise the minimum wage among industries. The key to solving these problems lies in the Senate. Now the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have half of the seats in the Senate. Vice president Harris will exercise her voting right as vice president and play a key role when there is an equal number of votes.


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