Foreign media: outdoor smoking is forbidden in Milan

According to Agence France Presse, Milan, Italy, on January 19, it’s long overdue to pass the law. That’s enough smoke! &Massimo gabbydini, a businessman in the famous cathedral square, is ecstatic: starting from the 19th, smoking will be banned in some open-air public places in Milan, such as parks, stadiums or bus stops.

But gabyandini remains skeptical: & lt; I’ll wait to see if this rule is actually implemented. In northern Europe, people obey the rules, but in Italy? ”

Even the new ban on cemeteries is not a total ban on smoking: old smokers can continue to smoke in remote places more than 10 meters away from others.

Several pedestrians in the Cathedral Square, which is not subject to the ban, were surprised by the new rules with cigarettes in their mouths, the report said.

“Milan doesn’t have any sign that says smoking is not allowed in some places,” said 18-year-old model Flores & middot; desmers, who came from Holland to attend men’s fashion week. No smoking indoors, I understand. But outside, I want to keep the freedom to smoke. ”

But on the whole, the ban is popular with smokers like Maria luizia ditoma. She admits: “it’s a fair measure, because smoking does make people around you feel very uncomfortable. ”

According to the report, Milan is the first city in Italy to implement a partial ban on outdoor smoking. The city government said its goal is to “reduce PM10, which is harmful to the lungs, and protect public health.”;. The city government of Milan explained that violators will be fined between 40 and 240 euros, but no punitive measures have been implemented, because we hope to gradually implement them before everyone is informed;.


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