How does Biden trump “seamlessly hand over” the nuclear code box without meeting?

Foreign media said that since trump announced that he would not attend Biden’s inauguration ceremony, all kinds of speculation have been heard. One of the questions is very important: what will happen to trump’s nuclear code box?

According to Germany’s Le Monde website on January 19, according to convention, the nuclear code box used to start nuclear weapons has been handed over by the former president to the next president when the new president takes office. The actual operation process is: the military assistant of the outgoing president will give it to the military assistant of the next president.

But to do that, the two presidents need to be at least physically close. But by the time Biden was sworn in, trump had arrived 1400 kilometers away at sea lake manor & mdash; & mdash; with a nuclear code box. Does this mean that the United States will not be able to respond to a nuclear attack for several hours?

“This is unprecedented,” said Hans Christensen, a nuclear weapons expert at the American Federation of scientists. &Since the nuclear era, there has never been a president who has not attended the inauguration of his successor.

It is reported that the nuclear code box is not the rumored “red button”, and the system is actually composed of two parts. Some of them are called “biscuits”, which store the password to confirm Trump’s identity as the top commander of nuclear forces. The president must always carry it with him. The other part is a suitcase weighing more than 20 kg, which is equipped with communication equipment, through which the president enters his identity code and gives orders to the nuclear forces to launch.


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