What kind of vaccines should adults be vaccinated? Which are the key groups

What vaccines should adults get

1、 Influenza vaccine

Influenza, influenza for short. Influenza is a kind of infectious disease with high speed of transmission. The high incidence period is in autumn and winter.

Influenza vaccine is one of the main measures to prevent and control influenza. In order to reduce the chance of influenza infection or reduce the symptoms of influenza, Dr. Zhang Wenhong said that it is best for adults to get influenza vaccine every year and before winter.

2、 HPV cervical cancer vaccine

Cervical cancer is mainly caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). At present, cervical cancer is the only cancer that can be prevented from HPV infection by vaccination.

Young and middle-aged women age vaccination can effectively prevent the incidence of cervical cancer. At present, the recommended age of bivalent vaccine is 9-45 years old, the recommended age of tetravalent vaccine is 20-45 years old, and the nine valent vaccine is suitable for women aged 16-26 years old.

3、 Adult hepatitis B vaccine

Hepatitis B is the abbreviation of viral hepatitis B, which is a disease caused by hepatitis B virus infection.

In China, the vaccination rate of adult hepatitis B vaccine is not high. Adult hepatitis B prevention and control can not be taken lightly, to prevent the spread of hepatitis B virus, the key is to inject hepatitis B vaccine.

4、 23 valent pneumonia vaccine for the elderly

23 valent pneumonia vaccine is the best way to prevent Streptococcus pneumoniae disease, which can effectively prevent most of the infection of Streptococcus pneumoniae.

In addition to children, it is also recommended that the elderly, especially those over 60 years old, be vaccinated with 23 valent pneumonia vaccine. In addition, vaccination is also recommended for patients with weak body, low immunity and respiratory tract infection.

5、 Herpes zoster vaccine

Herpes zoster is a common disease in Department of dermatology. The incidence rate and severity increase with age. Especially after 50 years old.

Last year, the State Drug Administration approved the application for import registration of the recombinant herpes zoster vaccine (singrix). This year, the herpes zoster vaccine is coming on the market. It is believed that the vaccination of herpes zoster vaccine can enhance the immunity of high-risk groups and reduce the risk of disease.

What are the key groups for vaccination

1、 What are the key groups for new crown vaccination?

The end-point vaccinated population of new crown vaccine includes workers who are engaged in import cold chain, port quarantine, ship pilotage, air service, fresh food market, public transportation, medical and disease control, and those who go to work or study in medium and high-risk countries or regions.

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