Eight elderly people in Spanish nursing homes died after receiving Pfizer vaccine

77 people in a Spanish nursing home in Toledo were vaccinated with the new coronavirus vaccine produced by Pfizer, and the new coronavirus test results were positive. Another 8 people died after the vaccination, according to the report of dadonghuiquan media.

Eight elderly people in a Spanish nursing home died after being vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine. (Reuters)

According to Spanish media reports on January 1, the elderly received the first dose of Pfizer vaccine on January 13 local time. A few days later, they developed symptoms of new coronal pneumonia, and the test results were also positive.

In addition, the Norwegian drug administration announced on the 15th that 23 elderly people died after receiving Pfizer vaccine across the country. The who then conducted an investigation into the causes of death of 13 of them and determined that the death may be related to the usually mild side effects of the vaccine.

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