Myanmar military: chief ministers and councillors of detained provinces and States released today

According to Myanmar’s military, the chief ministers (equivalent to governors) and members of Parliament of Myanmar’s provinces and states who were previously detained will be released on February 2, local time, but all those released will be required to stay at home.

In the early morning of yesterday, Myanmar’s military detained several senior leaders of the ruling party, such as state councilor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Wen Min, on the grounds of fraud in the general election in November last year, and announced to take over power. According to the provisions of the constitution, Myanmar’s military implemented a state of emergency for a period of one year. After the end of the state of emergency, the general election was held again. During this period, Minrui, the military representative who is the vice president, served as the interim president.

Aung San then issued a written statement criticizing the military’s attempt to return the country to military dictatorship and calling on the public not to accept the military’s actions.

Editor in charge: Xu Xuanbai

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