The implementation of “mask injunction” in the United States is blocked

Biden has taken a number of measures to promote the implementation of epidemic prevention since he became president of the United States, but officials at the top of the government have been trying to prevent the implementation of the “mask injunction”, and a large number of Americans have strongly resisted masks.

Wisconsin’s state legislature recently said it plans to vote this week to overturn the “mask injunction”. A large number of members in Indiana have objected to the “mask extension order” and questioned its effectiveness. Florida and Georgia have even banned the implementation of “mask injunction” in their subordinate cities and counties.

The implementation of , the Wisconsin state assembly, recently said it plans to vote this week to overturn the “mask injunction.”

In addition, a group of anti mask people gathered in front of dodge stadium in Los Angeles County, California, one of the largest new coronavirus testing centers in the United States, interfered with the vaccination work, resulting in the forced closure of the testing center. Anti mask activities also took place in New York City and Kennewick City, Washington state, and participants believed that the epidemic situation was not as serious as the government claimed.

Editor in charge: Cai Yangzi

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