What are the functions and effects of shenghuangjing

What is the effect of shenghuangjing

Diabetes is no stranger to us. Now many young people also suffer from this disease, which is closely related to diet. Improper diet leads to the occurrence of high blood sugar. At this time, lowering blood sugar has become a key thing. Polygonatum has been found to have hypoglycemic effect in recent years, but many friends don’t know about this kind of medicine. So what What is the efficacy and function of shenghuangjing? To solve this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article.

1、 Efficacy and function

1. The function of antiviral microorganism. 2. Effect on blood glucose: the content of blood glucose increased gradually and then decreased. 3. Anti fatigue effect. 4. Antioxidant effect. 5. Anti aging effect: Huangjing decoction can prolong the larval stage of silkworm by soaking mulberry leaves in 20% concentration. 6. Hemostasis: Polygonatum alcohol extract 40mg / animal, n-butanol part 20mg / animal, water part 20mg / animal, 7, ointment 0.16-0.26g/kg intravenous injection, significantly increased coronary flow of anesthetized dogs.

2、 Growth habit

Rhizoma Polygonati is fond of wet and overcast climate, and has the characteristics of loving shade, cold tolerance and fear of drought. It grows poorly in dry areas, and grows well in humid and shady environment. It grows well in the loam with deep soil layer, loose and fertile soil, good drainage and water retention performance; it is not suitable for plant growth in the barren, dry and sticky land.

Nature and taste: sweet, flat. Return to lung, spleen and kidney.

Indications: nourishing kidney and spleen, tonifying spleen and replenishing qi.


1. It is used for yin deficiency, lung dryness, dry cough, less phlegm, and long cough due to yin deficiency of lung and kidney.

2. For spleen and stomach weakness. It not only invigorates spleen yin, but also benefits spleen qi.

3. It is used for dizziness due to deficiency of kidney essence, soreness of waist and knees, early whiteness of hair and thirst.

Usage and dosage: decocting, 10-30g.

3、 Application scope of Polygonatum

Not suitable for crowd: spleen deficiency with dampness, cold loose stools are taboo. Dosage and precautions: the common dosage of Polygonatum is 10-20g. Polygonatum sibiricum and Polygonatum odoratum are Liliaceae plants with similar morphology and function, but Polygonatum odoratum attaches importance to nourishing Yin, and Polygonatum sibiricum can tonify spleen and stomach. Because the two flavors are sweet and moist, it is forbidden to use them when the spleen and stomach are wet.

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