Russian Foreign Minister’s press conference criticizes the West: no illusion about Biden

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei & middot; Lavrov commented on Trump’s blocked twitter account, arms control, foreign policy ideals, compliance with the Minsk agreement and talks about the situation in Naka at a 2020 summing up press conference, according to Russia’s “news” website on January 18. However, the main topic of the press conference on January 18 was Russia’s confrontation with the West and the situation related to Alexei & middot; navaline.

According to the report, the actions of the United States and most of its Western allies in 2020 are aimed at “destroying the structure of international life” and “abandoning the traditional forms and norms of international law.”;. This is Lavrov’s description of the past year in his opening remarks.

The most obvious example of this is that western countries gradually give up their work in the United Nations, establish an exclusive mechanism outside it, namely the so-called “group of fellow practitioners”, and then impose their decisions on other participants in international relations. These mechanisms first involve the field of network security and media freedom.

The report points out that in his speech, he repeatedly talked about the “destructive behavior” of the west, especially the United States. American diplomats in any country will impolitely pick up the microphone and tell his host country to stop dealing with Russia;.

Will the Biden administration change that? “We don’t have any illusions,” Lavrov said. ”


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