How to mix bean stuffing and Bean Bun

How to mix bean stuffing with Bean Bun

Bean paste stuffing is the most commonly used stuffing in many places, such as bean paste bag, bean paste roll, bean paste cake, moon cake, glutinous rice balls, egg yolk crisp and so on. The main raw material of bean paste filling is red bean, which is rich in vitamins, protein, iron and other trace elements. It has the functions of beauty, heat clearing, blood pressure lowering, spleen and stomach strengthening, diuresis and so on.

[materials] 250 grams of red beans, 100 grams of sugar, 95 grams of corn oil


1. Make red beans in advance. Red beans must be soaked for several hours before they can be made. I usually make them before I go to bed. It’s just right in the morning (in summer, I need to put them in the refrigerator).

2. Put the soaked red beans into the pressure cooker, add water, but don’t add too much. Generally, the added water is about 1.5cm higher than the beans. If there is no pressure cooker, you can use an electric rice cooker.

3. Choose the key to boil the beans, and the red beans have blossomed.

4. Put the cooked red beans into the wall breaker or cooking machine, add the right amount of red bean water, and beat them into bean paste. If you don’t have a machine, you can use a spoon to press the red beans out of the screen, but it’s time-consuming.

5. Use the machine to make fine red bean paste.

6. Pour the red bean paste into a non stick pot and stir fry it over medium low heat.

7. Add oil in different times. Add oil in each time, and then add oil in the next time after absorption (adding oil in different times is easier to mix evenly).

8. Add sugar in several times and continue to stir fry until all sugar is melted.

9. The fried bean paste is glossy, smooth and delicate. After cooling, put it in a sealed box and refrigerate for 2 months.

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