How to make pork balls? How to make pork balls delicious

How to make pork balls

Wash the pork and choose the lean and fat ones.

Mince Pork into meat, mincing meat with mincing machine is OK, but minced meat will be better!

When mincing meat, you can add some salt and soy sauce. After mincing meat, cut appropriate amount of onion and ginger, and mix them into the meat.

Then beat in an egg, sprinkle a little starch, you can use dry steamed bread instead, directly rub steamed bread foam can also be.

Put on disposable gloves, the meat into a ball.

When you boil water in the pot and see bubbles rising from the bottom of the pot, you can put them into the balls.

Once you put the meatballs into the pot and see the water boiling, the meatballs will float to the surface.

How to make pork balls

In the past, my mother used to make this melon meat at home, with a few small dishes and a large pot of sweet potato porridge. Take a bite of pickled melon full of gravy and refreshing taste, then scoop a ladle of soup mixed with porridge to eat, the delicious meat and sweet pickled melon burst out in the mouth, wow, add a bowl of porridge! How to make pork balls delicious? The chef will teach you a move. The meat is delicious and juicy. It’s too simple!

Melon meat balls

Material Science:

There are 600g pork stuffing, 60g commercial pickled cucumber, 30g green onion, and proper amount of coriander.

Note: the lean to fat ratio of meat stuffing ranges from 8:2 to 7:3. Please grind it twice. The meatballs taste fine.


1 tbsp sugar, 1 ~ 2 tbsp Taibai powder.

to flavor:

4 tbsp of marinade, 2 tbsp of soy sauce, 4 tbsp of soy sauce paste, 1.5 cup of water, about 360C. C.


Step 1. Wash green onion, cut flowers and pickled cucumbers, cut into small pieces, mix with sugar into the stuffing, mix well in the same direction, and let stand for half an hour to make the stuffing taste good.

Step 2. Mix the balls with white powder before rolling. Add some white flour to the stuffing to increase the adhesiveness of the stuffing, but do not add too much, so as not to affect the taste.

Step 3. Boil all the seasonings to the bottom of the soup over a low heat. When the soup is rolling, start to rub the balls. Put a little oil on the palm of one hand and a metal spoon in the other hand to dig out the meat stuffing the size of a ping-pong ball. While falling into the palm of the oiled hand, shape it. After three or four times, you can put it into the boiling soup. When the air in the stuffing falls out, the taste of the stuffing will be solid and Q, and it won’t be loose with a bite.

Step 4. Put all the meatballs in the pot and cover the pot. Simmer slowly over low heat until well done. The amount of soup can be adjusted according to the depth of the pot. In principle, 80% of the height of the ball is better.

It’s more delicious to add coriander before serving.

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