Diabetic can eat more staple food, what staple food does diabetic eat better

Diabetes patients can eat more staple food

One in 20 people is diabetic. The reason why the incidence of diabetes is so high is that many people don’t care about their eating habits and rules. After suffering from diabetes, we should not abandon ourselves. We should learn to regulate our diet and keep our body in the best condition. The staple food of diabetic patients is mainly coarse grains. Let’s take a look at what staple food is better for diabetics?

Diabetics should choose edible food according to their blood sugar. Food glycemic index is an effective index to measure postprandial blood glucose response caused by food. Generally speaking, GI & gt; 70 is high GI food, which has fast digestion, high absorption rate, fast release of glucose, and high peak value of glucose after entering the blood; 55 is low GI food, they stay in gastrointestinal for a long time, low absorption rate, slow release of glucose, can prevent postprandial hyperglycemia. Low GI foods include cereals: rarely processed coarse grains, such as cooked whole grain wheat, barley, rye, rice bran, hard wheat flour noodles, macaroni, black rice, buckwheat, protein fortified noodles, corn flour porridge, corn grits, etc. In addition, diabetic patients also need to pay attention to the following matters:


After suffering from diabetes, diet conditioning is very important. People with diabetes should stay away from foods with high sugar, high salt and high fat. In particular, they should limit their sugar intake, such as steamed bread, zongzi, bread, pancakes, rice cakes and other staple foods. Because they contain high sugar and calories, people with diabetes should be cautious or not.


In the choice of staple food, patients with diabetes had better choose coarse grains, such as barley, corn, buckwheat flour, naked oats, wheat bran, etc. These coarse grains are rich in nutrients, which can reduce blood sugar and blood pressure.


Some fruits with low sugar content, such as Kiwi fruit, strawberry, cherry, plum, etc., can be eaten between meals or after physical activity, which will not affect blood sugar, but also supplement the nutrients needed by the body, which is very good for health.

Finally, remind diabetic patients, try not to eat too much fat food, in order to prevent additional energy, also avoid postprandial more elevated blood lipids. Therefore, fried rice should be eaten less, cooked with sausages, or mixed with greasy dishes, which should also be avoided as far as possible. On the other hand, try not to add salt, soy sauce and monosodium glutamate to rice, avoid adding extra salt, otherwise it is not conducive to control blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular accidents.

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