NATO expresses its “full support” for the extension of Russia-US “New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty” for 5 years

Brussels, February 3 (Reporter Tokunaga Ken) Five years after Russia and the United States notified the extension of the “New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty” on the 3rd, NATO expressed its “full support” and believes that the only arms control treaty between Russia and the United States at this stage will help Maintain global stability.

NATO said in a statement that day that NATO welcomes and fully supports the five-year extension of the Russia-U.S. “New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty”; NATO allies strongly support Russia and the U.S. to continue to implement the treaty, and start an active dialogue on strengthening strategic stability as soon as possible. I believe the treaty will help. Maintain global stability.

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Data map: Russia, the United States and Canada jointly held the “2013-Vigilant Eagle” joint counter-terrorism exercise. The picture shows the Canadian Air Force F-18 fighters participating in the exercise.
The statement stated that taking into account the current international security environment, NATO allies are determined to continue to collectively maintain the existing arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation treaties and commitments, and support further consultations on arms control to enhance the security of NATO allies; Russia and the United States “New Strategic Arms Reduction The five-year extension of the Treaty is not an “end point”, but should be used as a “starting point” to address nuclear threats and even new or potential challenges that endanger strategic stability.

The statement also stated that even if the United States, as a member of NATO, engages with Russia in a way that enhances the collective interests of its allies, NATO will still keep a clear head on the “challenges” brought by Russia. In the future, NATO allies will consult closely to deal with Russia’s “endangering Europe” Acts of aggression against Atlantic security”.

In 2010, Russia and the United States signed the “New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty”, and the treaty came into effect on February 5, 2011, with a validity period of 10 years; after the expiration of the Russian-US “Intermediate Range Treaty” in 2019, the “New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty” became the current stage The only arms control treaty between Russia and the United States.

After Russia and the United States agreed to extend the treaty for five years, the “New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty” will be extended to February 5, 2026, and the content of the treaty will remain unchanged; US Secretary of State Blincoln said in a statement on the 3rd that the United States will use it for five years. The extension period seeks to reach an arms control agreement involving all Russia’s nuclear weapons. (Finish)

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