At least one person died and one injured in a car crash in the business district of Paris. The suspect has been arrested

At least one person was killed and one injured in a car crash in La Défense, a commercial district of Paris, local time on the 3rd. The suspect has been arrested by the police.

   This incident occurred at 5:30 pm local time on the 3rd (midnight Beijing time on the 4th). According to the police report, the suspect had stolen a small truck belonging to the La Défense cleaning department and started hitting people with it. After knocking down the victim, the suspect tried to escape the scene and was caught by the police who rushed over.

   The police claimed that the suspect was a local homeless person, and his motive for causing the incident is still under further investigation. The police have sealed off the incident and deployed a large number of police forces. Investigators are also investigating and collecting evidence on the spot. There were allegedly multiple witnesses to the incident, and the police are now beginning to question. The live video shows that the front windshield of the truck involved has been broken and the front of the truck has been damaged to a certain extent. (Finish)

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