Staying up late is very harmful to the human body. How to remedy it after staying up late?

Insomnia is serious every night and it hurts the body. When people stay up late for a long time, the normal menstrual cycle will be destroyed by the state of not sleeping, the body’s resistance will decline, and you will often feel tired and mentally weak. In addition to reducing the resistance, the liver’s detoxification ability is weakened, the collagen in the skin is rapidly reduced, dark skin, headache, memory loss, loss of appetite, etc.

Remedy: After staying up late, it is best to correct bad habits. Go to bed and get up early. When staying up late, you can take a hot bath immediately to let the blood flow. After the hot bath, draw the curtains black and try to rest. During this period of time, it is necessary to clean and take care of the skin, apply some moisturizing and nutrient lotion to supplement the skin with nutrients and moisture.

Drinking plenty of water not only replenishes the lack of water in the body, but also drives out harmful substances in the body, and can also promote the body’s metabolism. It is recommended to drink more water the next day.

Stay up late at night, you must sleep the next day. You can choose to take a proper rest at noon the next day to achieve the purpose of restoring sleep. A 30-minute nap at noon, the effect is obvious.

Eat breakfast regularly and add more foods containing vitamin C or collagen to restore skin elasticity and luster. Fish and beans eat more vegetables, vegetables, eggs, and fruits to minimize staying up late.

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