Nuts are good, can you eat more?

Nuts are a very popular snack food in daily life. Especially during the Spring Festival, many families even prepare some nuts to entertain visiting relatives and friends. We buy many kinds of nuts daily, such as hazelnuts, pine nuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, Cashews, almonds, peanuts, melon seeds… I don’t know if you have such a situation. When you lie down on the sofa, eat nuts and brush your phone, your mouth can’t stop.


Nuts are good, can you eat more?
Nuts are rich in nutrients and contain protein, vitamins (vitamin B, vitamin E, etc.), trace elements (phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iron), unsaturated fatty acids, including essential fatty acids such as linolenic acid and linoleic acid, which are good for health. However, nuts are high-energy foods with high fat content. Excessive intake can easily lead to excess energy intake.

According to the dietary guidelines of Chinese residents, an average weekly intake of 50-70g is appropriate. If the intake is too much, the total energy of the three meals a day should be reduced. The weekly intake of nuts is 50-70g, which is equivalent to 20-25g (about a handful and a half) of shelled sunflower seeds, or 15-20g of peanuts, or 2-3 walnuts, and it is recommended to eat original nuts as the first choice.

Reasonable diet, healthier life!

Nuts are good, can you eat more?
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