Foreign media analysis of Biden’s inauguration ceremony and the past five key differences

According to the European news television website on January 19, US President elect Biden took office at the inauguration ceremony on January 20, which officially marks the end of the transition period with the trump administration.

But this year will be different. This is due to novel coronavirus pneumonia and the polarization of American politics.

Here are five key differences that have made this year’s inauguration remarkable:

Public health measures taken novel coronavirus pneumonia

Usually, a large number of people go to Washington to watch the presidential inauguration ceremony. This year’s situation may be quite different. In order to curb the spread of the virus, it is expected that there will be requirements to maintain social distance.

The presidential inauguration committee is encouraging people to participate online rather than in person.

About 200000 flags representing Americans were erected on the national square. The number of tickets for the ceremony was very limited, and the seats on the site were spaced.

The Inaugural Committee said in a statement that it would organize a “virtual parade” to commemorate the change of power, which would feature a variety of dynamic performances from all over the country;. Next, as part of the March, college drum bands from Biden’s and Harris’ alma maters will escort them.

The last event of the day is a program called “praise America” which will be broadcast on major American TV networks. Many celebrities and performers will appear.

Trump is the fourth US president to boycott his successor’s inauguration

Trump has broken with tradition by saying he will not attend Biden’s inauguration.


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