After squatting down, standing up and feeling dizzy is hypoglycemia? The doctor tells you the truth

In today’s society, the incidence of such wealthy diseases as hyperglycemia, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia is getting higher and higher, so people attach great importance to these diseases with higher incidence. But did you know? Many people are actually facing a disease that is just the opposite of the symptoms of high blood sugar-hypoglycemia. How to judge whether you have low blood sugar through some small behaviors in daily life? Most people take it for granted that feeling dizzy after squatting down and then standing up is a symptom of low blood sugar. In fact, the answer is not like this. Let us explore together.

Let us popularize what are the symptoms of hypoglycemia?

Tremors often appear in the limbs

The cause of hypoglycemia is that the blood glucose concentration of the cells in the body is too low, which will eventually affect the excitability of the sympathetic nerves and the normal feeding rate of brain cells. Let’s first take a look at the abnormal performance of the body caused by low blood sugar! The most obvious physical abnormality of hypoglycemia is the frequent tremor of the limbs. When the excitability of our sympathetic nerves is inhibited, the nerve endings will be tense and contracted. The final manifestation is tremor and numbness of the limbs.

Dizziness and flustered

The market of patients with hypoglycemia feel dizzy and flustered, and a lot of sweating will be accompanied in the process. This is mainly due to the low blood sugar level in the body. Patients with hypoglycemia will often feel hungry. If they do not add sugar-containing foods in time at this time, they can easily cause dizziness and flusteriness.

Always lose concentration

Why do patients with hypoglycemia always have the phenomenon of mental failure and inattention? This is mainly due to the low blood glucose concentration, which affects the normal function of the body. We all know that when people perform physical activities and mental activities, they all need to consume energy. When people are hungry with low blood sugar, their body cannot provide sufficient nutrients to the brain and it will also affect the rate of oxygen transportation. Therefore, the human brain is prone to “strike” in the absence of energy supply and oxygen.


After squatting down, standing up and feeling dizzy is hypoglycemia? The doctor tells you the truth
Squat down and then stand up and feel dizzy. Is it low blood sugar?

There are many factors that cause “squatting down and then standing up and feeling dizzy”. For example, iron deficiency anemia caused by insufficient iron in the blood will often experience this kind of experience; and patients with low blood pressure will feel dizzy when they stand up suddenly.

Because at the moment of standing up, a large amount of blood will quickly rush to the lower body, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, which will make patients with hypotension feel obvious discomfort. Of course, patients with hypoglycemia may also feel dizzy after squatting and standing up, but this is just one of the guesses. I hope everyone will consider their physical fitness when facing this situation.


After squatting down, standing up and feeling dizzy is hypoglycemia? The doctor tells you the truth
How to prevent hypoglycemia is the top priority

Hypoglycemia is mainly caused by wrong eating habits and poor life rules. To prevent hypoglycemia, you must eat on time, and you must match three meals a day with reasonable nutrition. The second is to develop the good habit of going to bed early and getting up early. Never stay up late or stay in bed. The most important point is to ensure proper exercise and physical exercise. Scientifically correct physical exercise can enhance people’s physical fitness, improve their own immunity and resistance, and can also accelerate the body’s metabolic rate and increase the rate of blood circulation.

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