The President of Italy authorizes Draghi to form a new government, the Conte era will end

According to Euronet, citing Eurolink news agency, on February 3, local time, Italian President Mattarella met with former European Central Bank President and famous economist Mario Draghi at the Presidential Palace of the Quirinale Palace. Authorize Draghi to form a new government, announcing that the Conte era will end.

According to reports, at 13:00 local time on February 3, the Secretary-General of the Italian Presidential Palace Hugo Zampetti held a press conference to announce that President Mattarella has authorized Draghi to form a new government, and the latter has accepted the President’s authorization. .

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Data map: Sergio Mattarella, President of the Italian Republic. Photo by Zhou Yi
   Draghi said that he thanked President Mattarella for his trust in him. This is a difficult time, but everyone has the precious resources of the EU. He believes that consultations will generate the strength of unity, and he has the confidence to unite all parties and shoulder their due responsibilities to the country.

   Mattarella said that the early election is not only detrimental to the prevention and control of the epidemic, but also means that the government will not be able to fully perform its functions for several months, and this period is essential for both fighting the epidemic and restoring the social economy. Therefore, he decided to authorize Draghi to form a new government and called on all parties to give trust and support.

   Mattarella pointed out that he hopes to see the new government take office and all parties in the parliament support the new government, and ask the government to agree to the EU Recovery Fund plan as soon as possible.

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Data map: Conte.
   On January 13, 2021, due to dissatisfaction with the performance of Prime Minister Conte, the Italian Vigor Party led by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi withdrew from the ruling coalition, and the ruling coalition lost its absolute majority in the Senate of Parliament. To avoid an unfavorable situation in the Senate, Conte submitted his resignation to the President on January 26.

   In response to President Mattare’s authorization of Draghi to form a new government, Italy’s largest ruling party, the Five Star Movement, expressed strong opposition, saying that it would continue to support Conte and would not vote for confidence in the new cabinet. However, there seems to be considerable disagreement within the party. Representative Trizono of the Five Star Movement Party called on the Five Star Movement Party to join the Draghi government and support him out of a sense of responsibility.

The leader of the Coalition Party, Salvini, said that it doesn’t matter who forms the cabinet, but depends on what he does and who he chooses to be with. Democratic leader Zingaretti said that now it’s entering a new phase, and it’s time for the country to get out of the absurdity. Irresponsible political crisis. Vigor Party leader Renzi said he supports the Draghi government.

   The report pointed out that Draghi’s path to forming a cabinet is not easy, and political forces of all parties will eventually have to accept a technical government, because Draghi is fully capable of managing a recovery fund of 209 billion euros. Conte, who has performed his post as prime minister, may return to the University of Florence and continue to serve as a professor of law.


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