Ronaldo’s 36th birthday speech: I’m sorry I can’t promise you another 20 years

On the night of his 36th birthday, Ronaldo posted a testimonial via social media, “Time flies, I am sorry that I cannot promise you another 20 years.”

Ronaldo wrote: “36 years old, I can’t believe it! I feel that everything started yesterday, but this journey is full of unforgettable adventures and stories. My first football, my first team, my first goal… …time flies.

“From Madeira to Lisbon, from Lisbon to Manchester, from Manchester to Madrid, from Madrid to Turin, but the most important thing is from the bottom of my heart to the world… I have tried my best and never flinched. I always Work hard to play the best of yourself. In return, you gave me love and admiration, your existence, and your unconditional support. For this, I will never be grateful. Without you, I could not do it.

“As I celebrate my 36th birthday and the 20th anniversary of my career as a professional player, I am sorry that I cannot promise you another 20 years. But what I can assure you is that as long as I persevere, you will never get back from me. Below 100%! Thank you again for all your support on this day, as well as your kind messages and suggestions. This is of great significance to me, and you all hold a special place in my heart.”

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