Mourinho: Although I have suffered a three-game losing streak, I might be able to give you a championship

After losing 0-1 to Chelsea, Tottenham suffered a three-game losing streak. This is also the first time the team has suffered a three-game losing streak since 2012. In this regard, coach Mourinho said that although it suffered three consecutive losses Lost, but he can bring a long-lost championship trophy to Tottenham fans.

When asked if this is the worst record since 2012, Mourinho said: “I put pressure on myself every day, and I don’t need others to pressure me. You said the team suffered three consecutive times for the first time since 2012. Lost, but don’t forget how long the team hasn’t had a championship, maybe I can give you one.”

It needs to be pointed out that since winning the League Cup in 2008, Tottenham has not had a championship trophy for 13 years. The reason why Levi fired Pochettino to hire Mourinho was based on the Portuguese’s ability to win the championship. In the past 20 years of coaching career has won 25 trophies.

This season, although Tottenham have basically hopeless to win the league, Mourinho still has the opportunity to hit the League Cup, the FA Cup, and the Europa League. Currently, the closest to the champion is the League Cup. They have advanced to the final and will play the final with Manchester City next weekend.

For the recent three-game losing streak, a big reason is the absence of the head leader Kane. Mourinho hopes that other players can come forward without Kane’s presence. He said: “In different teams, some players can play a special role. Even the best teams in the world will miss him when their key players are not there. We can cite a lot. Examples to illustrate the significance of these players to the club. Of course, Kane is very important to us. He leads the team and organizes and participates in the attack. But a team is not a player, nor can it rely on a certain player, other players must also Stand up and take responsibility. This is the reality we face. We must use the players we have to fight and win the game.”


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