Cancer does not come suddenly, doctors advise, stay away from cancer cells, the four minor diseases are best treated in time

I discovered chronic atrophic gastritis 10 years ago. After taking the medicine for a month, I thought that the disease was cured, so I didn’t care about it. Unexpectedly, as time goes by, Uncle Ge feels more and more stomach upset. Later, he came to the hospital for treatment again. Through gastroscopy, I found that Uncle Ge’s chronic atrophic gastritis not only did not get better, but cancer had already occurred.

Speaking of Uncle Ge, I still feel a little regretful. As a doctor, I told Uncle Ge that in fact, in the past ten years, he has many opportunities. After the diagnosis of chronic atrophic gastritis, he can actively treat and review regularly. Even chronic atrophic gastritis is not terrible, but the terrible thing is the long-term neglect.

In the eyes of many people, cancer is often discovered suddenly, but its formation does not occur in a day or two. It takes a long process for cancer to emerge from scratch, from early to late, but, unfortunately, this The process is ignored by many people.

Many cancers have an intermediate state before they occur. We call them precancerous lesions. Precancerous lesions are minor diseases in many people’s eyes, but if you don’t pay attention to them, just like Uncle Ge, then over time, It may turn into cancer.

First, stay away from cancer cells. Adenomatous colorectal polyps should be actively treated. I often see many people with colorectal polyps. Some people are worried about cancer, and some people are concerned about whether to remove them. In fact, the most important thing is to see the pathological type of polyps. If it is an adenomatous polyp, because the risk of cancer is high, it is best to treat it in time.

Second, stay away from cancer cells. Chronic atrophic gastritis should be treated actively. Atrophic gastritis is different from superficial gastritis. The former is that the gastric mucosa has atrophy, and the risk of canceration is higher after atrophy. For people who are diagnosed with atrophic gastritis, I It is recommended that it is best to go to the hospital to check the gastroscope once a year.

Third, stay away from cancer cells. Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia should be actively treated. This is the most common precancerous lesion of cervical cancer, but to find it, cervical exfoliated cell examination and high-risk HPV examination must be performed.

Fourth, stay away from cancer cells. Gastric ulcers should be treated actively. The incidence of gastric ulcers is very high. One out of 10 people will get them. If gastric ulcers are found, they should be treated actively, because there is a certain risk of cancer. Follow up until the ulcer is completely healed.

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