Eating more lard is good for the cardiovascular system and has health effects?


Eating more lard is good for the cardiovascular system and has health benefits. Lard is simply a treasure.

【the truth】

Lard does have certain nutritional value. It can provide essential fatty acids, promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and provide calories. Fat ingested from the diet is an important source of calories for the body.

But lard is not a health product. The main ingredient in lard is fat, and a large part of it is saturated fat, which has no special effect on human health, let alone cures diseases.

In addition, the energy of lard is too high, and eating more is not good for your health. The energy that fat provides to the human body every day should not exceed 25% of the total energy required by the body. Take an adult who needs 2000 kilocalories per day as an example, the daily intake of saturated fat should be controlled at about 22 grams; if all it is converted into lard, it is about 56 grams. If fat accounts for more than 30% of the energy supply, it is prone to many chronic diseases, the most common being cardiovascular disease. A large number of scientific studies have found that excessive intake of fat (especially saturated fat) and excessive energy intake will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, saying that eating more lard is beneficial to the cardiovascular system is completely putting the cart before the horse.


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