Men begin to age after they are 40 years old. There are obvious changes in 4 parts of the body. Do you also have them?

Life is just a few dozen years, in fact, it is no different from the blossoming and declining of flowers. Nature has already formulated the laws for us!

Aging is the most unavoidable item in the process of human life. If you think about it, every day after we are born, we are actually approaching aging. This is the result that humans cannot stop.

Compared with female friends, most men don’t pay too much attention to aging, and sometimes they don’t even find the details of aging!

As everyone knows, according to the data survey, after reaching the age of 40, men seem to be in their prime of life, but in fact, aging has inevitably appeared, and the internal organs of the body are gradually going downhill.

For example, when the following symptoms find yourself, it is a signal that aging has arrived. Come and see how many of you have suffered:

  1. Big belly: As far as Chinese men are concerned, they may pay more attention to body management when they are young and middle-aged, but when they enter middle-aged and old age, they seem to have completely released themselves.

For example, there are many male celebrities who show signs of becoming lucky when they reach the middle and old ages. The reason for this is that in addition to inadequate body management, the intestines begin to age and the body’s ability to function declines, which is one of the reasons for the appearance of a big belly.

Affected by too greasy diet and too little exercise, fat began to accumulate in the abdomen, and the big belly completely appeared.

The big belly is also a typical central obesity. It is a signal of excess visceral fat, which is closely related to fatty liver and metabolic diseases, and requires more vigilance;

  1. Habitual constipation: Compared with female friends, men have a high incidence of habitual constipation, especially middle-aged and elderly men, which is one of the biggest manifestations of male aging.

Because organs continue to age and their functions degenerate with age, the stomach and intestines are the organs that age first.

Gastrointestinal function will gradually weaken with age, and then affected by insufficient exercise of middle-aged and elderly men, habitual constipation also appears;

  1. Hair loss: In addition to big belly, hair loss has also become a greasy symbol of middle-aged and elderly men. Many men in our country cannot escape the nightmare of “hair loss” after they reach middle-aged and old age.

The reason why men are prone to hair loss is that after middle age, the body’s ability to absorb nutrients is weakened and cannot supply the scalp normally.

At the same time, affected by the disorder and reduction of androgen secretion in the body, hair loss will become more and more serious. Your hairline that moves back gradually reminds you that aging has arrived;

  1. Decrease in sexual intercourse: For men, middle age is a stage of family stability and career advancement. However, after entering middle-aged and old age, men often feel physically weak in certain aspects, which is completely incomparable with before.

This is because aging has come to you, and physical decline has become a reality. Coupled with the effects of physical exhaustion and decreased androgen secretion, sexual intercourse has become gradually inadequate.

Relevant data surveys show that the peak period of men’s sex is around 30 years old. After reaching the age of 35, sexual activity will gradually decrease, which is also a manifestation of men’s aging.

In addition to the above four symptoms of aging, whitening hair and wrinkles around the eyes are all signs of aging.

We cannot resist the advent of aging, but we can delay the symptoms of aging through regular life and healthy eating habits. For male friends, quitting smoking and drinking, active exercise, and scientific diet are all ways to delay aging.


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