American women’s fingertips have long hair and turn black, and I warn you not to use this tissue for skin grafting!

According to the “Sun” report on February 5, some time ago, a popular activity among TikTok users in the United States was to let users share “strange things about themselves” to see if there are people like them. Rae Mackzie also followed the trend to participate in this event and shared strange things about her body and unexpectedly became popular on the Internet, and called this a “highlight moment” in her life.

According to Rae, “When I was two years old, probably in the 1990s, my finger was accidentally broken by a door clip and needed skin grafting.” Although skin transplantation usually takes a larger skin surface area such as arms or legs, In the follow-up, Rae’s scar will not increase with age. Therefore, the doctor at the time decided to take the skin from Rae’s bikini line for transplantation, and so far, everything is as usual.

But when Rae returned home from the hospital, she accidentally wetted the cast on her hand. She simply peeled off the plaster, but found that the fingers seemed abnormal. Although the wound was healed, the skin on that part turned brown. The worst thing is that when Rae entered puberty, that part of the skin began to grow hair, which made Rae laugh at school. The video about this experience shared by Rae was liked by more than 5 million users on TikTok, so she later shared another clip of how she plucked these strange hairs from her fingers.

After the video became popular on TikTok, Rae’s video attracted the attention of Dr. Sandra Lee. She commented: “You are not the only person with such a finger. I have treated many patients like you.” Its practical genitalia It is not uncommon for the skin tissue of the site to repair wounds on the palm or other surface of the hand. Dr. Sandra explained: “We know that this part of the skin is more flexible. Skin graft surgery needs this kind of tissue. Just be careful to trim the hair here. Scientifically speaking, they are indeed pubic hair.”

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