What are the subtle good habits that help people stay young, healthy, and beautiful?

  1. Can stand but not sit. For example, when looking at a computer, you can put the computer at a suitable height and use the computer standing.
  2. Stand against the wall for 20 minutes after the meal. The back ankles, calves, buttocks, shoulder blades, and back of the head should be against the wall.
  3. Before going to bed, put your legs straight and put them against the wall vertically for 5 minutes (the description is not accurate, just try to make the legs and waist vertical).
  4. 3000ml water per day. Drink water after getting up and brushing your teeth. Soy milk and eggs should be included in the breakfast. (Sorry, someone in the comments pointed out that eating soy milk with eggs is not good for digestion, he is right, I want to change it~)
  5. A 20-30 minute lunch break is really helpful for work and study efficiency in the afternoon.
  6. Dinner is before 6 o’clock, try not to eat and drink water after 6 o’clock.
  7. If you have time, stretch your legs. I heard that they will grow taller. You can stretch before going to bed. A few minutes is enough. I always press my legs while playing on the phone.


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