28 days postpartum, today my stomach is sore and lochia turns red

Health consultation description:
Two weeks postpartum, lochia was already yellow and white. In the third week, mastitis had a fever and white blood cells were elevated. Antibiotics were given. The doctor said to go to the obstetric department to check for other infections. Later, he did not go. The lochia turned dark a few days ago. It turns red, the picture of the wound is obviously bloodier than before

Doctor reply

If mastitis occurs, the white blood cells are too high. This situation is still caused by uterine cavity infection. The bloody lochia tissue should be excreted within one week after delivery. If it exceeds 10 days, it is necessary to consider that it is caused by poor uterine contraction or residual uterine cavity. It is recommended that you do a B-ultrasound to see if there is uterine cavity infection. If you have a uterine cavity infection, you have to use some drugs to promote uterine contraction.


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