There is a pustule near the anus, so I can’t sit on it

There is a pustule near the anus, is it a perianal cyst or a boil? Can’t sit in pain. I had it in 2019 and the first half of 2020. After applying ointment and taking anti-inflammatories, it seems to have broken automatically halfway. Baidu said that this situation must go to the hospital for surgery? Can I take ointment and take anti-inflammatory drugs?

Doctor reply

Your situation is considered to be a boil or perianal abscess. It is recommended to go to the anorectal department of a regular hospital, and you need to perform related examinations to determine whether you need surgery. It can be treated first by applying Baiduobang ointment, and oral antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs.
The above is the suggestion for the problem of “there is a pustule near the anus, so I can’t sit on it with pain”. I hope it will be helpful to you and I wish you health!

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