Cold hands and feet in winter? Try these tips

With the advent of winter, many people will experience cold hands and feet and have to use various heating equipment early. But in addition to these external devices, try other methods.

  1. Eat warm foods, such as beef and mutton, nuts, carrots, etc. Add more vitamins and eat spicy foods appropriately.
  2. Soak your feet in hot water. The hot water promotes the acupuncture points and meridians of your feet and spreads the heat from the soles of your feet to the whole body, thereby warming the whole body. The water temperature should not be too high when soaking your feet, about 40℃ is more appropriate.
  3. Increase physical exercise. You can exercise by running, skipping rope, dancing, Tai Chi, etc. to promote blood circulation in the body and warm up quickly. It should be noted that exercise must be regular in order to receive obvious results.
  4. Avoid mental stress. Studies have shown that the temperature of the hands will drop by 3 to 6°C quickly when emotionally excited, and will recover after calming down. Therefore, avoiding mental stress or emotional agitation has a certain effect on preventing cold hands and feet.

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