Can I live a long life if I live alone and work hard? 103 years old, my old woman

Most people believe that Fulu can live long. In fact, there is no absolute causality.

My old woman lived 103 years old, and her husband died at the age of about 40. She took her 4 young children and lived all her life. She lived lonely, miserably, and toil, but the life expectancy of the old woman is still the envy of many people.

If it wasn’t for a fall that broke her femoral head and stayed in bed since then, there would be absolutely no problem for the old lady to live for two or three years.

Even if she is bedridden, it is not impossible for her to live an extra year and a half if she can eat well and cooperate with her nursing care. But in the end, the old lady refused to eat and did not want to cause trouble for her children, and rationally decided her short or long life. She had known for a long time that she had lived enough!

When she died, her brain was very clear, and her choice was admirable and embarrassing.

I have been married to their home and have a relationship with the old woman for more than 20 years. According to my observation, her longevity is related to a very regular and rational lifestyle.

She wakes up regularly every day, eats regularly, and eats a fixed amount of food. Drink a glass of white wine every night, not too much if you are happy, or a lot if you are not happy, it’s about 4-5 yuan. Go to bed regularly every night, and basically rest at sunset and get up at dawn.

Eat eggs, meat, and fish every day without a partial eclipse. The biggest dietary preference of the old lady is to eat sugar. White sugar and rock sugar are eaten every day, but they are not fat. After 90 years old, they have been dry and thin.

The old lady likes to be clean, tidy, and organized, her belongings are all in order, and the bed must not be messy. The one-hundred-year-old man knows where she puts her belongings and knows who comes to see her and what gifts she brings.

At the age of a hundred, you can still play cards (such as mahjong), with grandchildren, and with great-grandchildren. If you win, you can laugh as naive as a child. Under normal circumstances, she will win. All the people who play cards with her are to make her happy and set the game to let her win.

The old lady has small feet, a lot of missing teeth, and a bit deaf ears. Sitting on the bed every day, she kept rubbing her face, hands, arms, legs, etc., which was equivalent to a massage, and the blood circulation was unblocked.

The old lady has a clear brain, likes to communicate, and can make a lot of homework with intimate people. Occasionally, things that you can’t understand will also be unfair. She has a positive attitude towards joining the WTO. She is old and never give up, and she can express her dissatisfaction directly without accumulating her own bad emotions.

She has two sons, two daughters, six grandchildren, six grandchildren, four granddaughters and granddaughters. She is familiar with everyone, and she knows everyone’s objects and children.

I call her grandma, and my daughter calls her grandma. On the twenty-third of the twelfth lunar month of the year she passed away, we went back to our hometown for a new year, and bid farewell to her before leaving. She held my hand in one hand, and her daughter’s hand in the other, very kind and reluctant. She told us: “Hurry up and go back to Yantai, Xuan will go back to school, and you two will go back to work.” That scene will always be in my mind, and I will miss the wise old lady.

The old lady drove to Hexi the next day, just before the Spring Festival, and went for a funeral, which would not affect the children during the New Year. Neighbors in the neighbourhood said that the old lady chose a good day to leave and tried her best not to disturb her children and grandchildren. A large group of relatives in Yantai returned home to send her off. When they came back, there was a blizzard, and the road became an ice skating rink. The speed did not exceed 10 km/h, which made us remember and unforgettable.

The old lady’s family is a big landlord. After being a widow, thanks to her family’s aid, she survived the long and hard days of waiting for her children to grow up. On the other hand, if it were not for this change, it would be possible that the family would become rich peasants after liberation, and the days after that might be even more sad.

Thanks to the depletion of family property, the family in this new society is completed. Sometimes this world is really magical, and many logics that deviate from common sense are incomprehensible. This is the reality we used to know, fewer and fewer people know, many people may not know, but history is always history.

My mother-in-law is very kind to the old mother-in-law and respects her as her own mother. The old lady not only looked at the children of her grandchildren’s generation, but even when she was in her seventies, she looked at the great-grandson of the granddaughter’s family, enough to see her compassion and love. All the younger generations are very filial and treat the old lady like gods.

My daughter paid a New Year’s greetings to an old lady for the first time. The old lady gave 5 yuan for the New Year’s Eve. My daughter laughed and said that there was only 5 yuan. When we talked to her about what it means for 5 yuan, my daughter will cherish this year’s smallest amount of New Year money. The old lady will also keep pace with the times, and the money for the new year will increase year by year. On the first day of the new year, many grandchildren bow their heads and send out every new year’s money. This is the happiest thing for old ladies.

The old lady is very wise, for fear of being laughed at. She leaned on a cane to the gate and looked out every day, looking at the pedestrians and neighbors on the road, but she never went out. She laughed at herself as being too old, not dead, and embarrassed to meet people.

After the old lady passed away, we occasionally discussed her longevity. Therefore, longevity can be inherited, and more lies in learning a good lifestyle.

She was born in a wealthy family and had sufficient nutrition when she was a child, so she has a good health foundation. Before she broke, she used to go to the toilet on crutches by herself, and lived a very independent life. Longevity is meaningful if you can take care of yourself.

The old people in the past lived in a big family, so long as their children did not abandon them, they could have a happy old age. Therefore, it is reasonable for the Chinese to talk about raising children to prevent old age.

As parents of our only child, our future old age life may be bleak and helpless. Therefore, it will become very important to adjust your mentality, exercise your body, and live independently as much as possible without the need for others to take care of.


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