The two disadvantages of putting your mobile phone beside your pillow when you sleep are not cancer caused by radiation, but it does harm your health

“I’ve said it a few times. Use your mobile phone less, bad eyes.” “When you sleep, don’t hold your mobile phone to play. Keep your mobile phone farther away. Don’t put it next to your pillow. There is radiation, which can cause cancer…” In life, Most people have this experience, that is, the various instructions and nagging that mothers ears every day, which is a manifestation of mothers’ care and love for us. But the mothers said that when the mobile phone is placed on the pillow when sleeping, there will be mobile phone radiation, is it credible that it will cause cancer?

Regarding cell phone radiation causing cancer, we need to understand how radiation is produced. Generally speaking, radiation is the energy that propagates to the surrounding space or matter in the form of waves, which includes acoustic radiation, electromagnetic radiation, thermal radiation, and nuclear radiation. Mobile phone radiation is of course electromagnetic radiation, but electromagnetic radiation is also divided into ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Among them, ionizing radiation, such as X-rays, is listed as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Non-ionizing radiation refers to radiation whose frequency and energy are much smaller than ionizing radiation. They have minimal impact on the human body and will not cause cancer. Home appliances, microwave ovens, hair dryers, computers, refrigerators, etc., which are commonly used in our daily homes, of course also include mobile phones. Therefore, it is unfounded and unscientific to say that mobile phone radiation will increase the user’s cancer risk.

However, putting the phone next to the pillow when sleeping does have these two disadvantages.

  1. hurt the eyes

Although mobile phone radiation does not cause cancer, it is really bad to often put the mobile phone next to the pillow while sleeping. Many people can’t help playing with their mobile phones even after they fall asleep, especially those who like to turn off the lights and play with their mobile phones. This hurts their eyes very much. Although many smartphones now postpone night mode and eye protection mode, and even some businesses have introduced blue-ray eye protection mobile phone film, this can only improve the eye irritation of mobile phones in terms of light, so that the eyes will not be dry and dry for a certain period of time. It hurts, but it can’t really protect the eyes. Only when you sleep, do not bring your mobile phone into the bedroom, or put your mobile phone far away from the bed, and try not to play with your mobile phone at night can you fundamentally protect your eyes.

  1. Hurt the body

Generally, people who sleep with their mobile phones next to their pillows are those who like to play with their phones at night, and they lie down to play with their phones. In such a comfortable environment, people often forget the time and often stay up late playing with their phones. Although playing with mobile phones does not hurt our body, staying up late can hurt our health. Frequent staying up late will cause our nerve damage, skin oil secretion system disorder, skin deterioration, weakened immunity and other symptoms, and even some young people will have symptoms such as anxiety and irritability. In addition, staying up late to play with mobile phones will affect the secretion of melatonin in our body, disrupt the body’s metabolism, not only affect sleep, but also cause obesity.

In fact, often putting the phone on the pillow to sleep, in addition to the above two disadvantages, it will also cause chronic strain on our body. This is because playing with a mobile phone in one position for a long time will cause damage to our cervical and lumbar spine and cause our body to suffer from chronic strain. Therefore, although mobile phone radiation does not cause cancer, it is indeed not good for our health to regularly put the mobile phone on the pillow to sleep!

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