What is going on with women’s dry and astringent eyes and black complexion? It may be that the liver is not good. Pay attention to these 5 abnormalities

In fact, women are a disadvantaged group in all aspects, and even their bodies are weaker than men, and they often suffer from some diseases, such as gynecological diseases, which are particularly common. In fact, apart from gynecological diseases, women’s liver is also prone to problems. In fact, there are many manifestations of women’s liver problems that have just appeared. It’s just that everyone’s failure to pay attention makes these liver problems more serious.

What are the manifestations of poor liver in women?

  1. The eyes are dry and astringent

Many women feel that they are overusing their eyes when their eyes are dry and astringent. In fact, when the liver has problems, the eyes will also appear dry and astringent. Once the blood supply to the liver is insufficient, the eyes will be hurt. The first manifestation is dryness and astringency, so once this happens, you must be diagnosed and treated in time.

  1. The face is blue and black

If there is a problem with the liver, the iron in the liver may enter the blood vessels. As the carbon in the blood increases, the complexion will change, and it may even become blue and black. Therefore, once you find that your complexion is not normal, you must get a professional inspection in time to find out the specific reason and solve it in time.

  1. Spots appear

Many women think that when they have stains on their faces, they think it is because of their age, or the reason for not taking good care of sunscreen. In fact, the appearance of stains on women’s faces is also related to the liver. Once the liver’s blood is not smooth, the melanin on the face will increase, not only will stains appear, but also dark circles.

  1. There are obvious stripes on the nails

If there is no problem in the body, then the nails should be particularly smooth. Once the nails appear more obvious streaks, it proves that there is a problem with the liver. Many toxins have been accumulated in the liver and cannot be discharged normally, so once the nails are found to have changes , Must attract attention.

  1. Irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation in women also has a lot to do with the liver, because this condition is usually caused by tremendous stress and irritable temper. Excessive pressure and irritable temper, the first organ that will damage the liver, once liver qi is stagnated, menstruation will become blocked, so that irregular menstruation will occur.

There are many reasons for liver problems. In addition to the above, there are also huge stress and insufficient sleep. Therefore, in daily life and work, you must find a balance that makes you feel comfortable, not only to relieve your emotions, but also to ensure enough sleep, only then will the liver become healthier.

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