Xiao Han today! The coldest season of the year

Today is the 23rd solar term in the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar – Xiaohan. There is a folk proverb “little cold, big cold, cold into ice.”. It can be said that from the beginning of the cold to the end of the cold, this period of time is the coldest time of the year.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that all things are dormant and closed in winter, which is interlinked with kidney qi. Therefore, health preservation in winter should also follow the characteristics of closed in nature, maintain Yin essence and hide Yang Qi. Keep warm at the same time, prevent cold invasion of the human body, causing disease. To achieve this, in addition to pay attention to daily warmth, diet to avoid cold food, but also through diet and foot bath method to achieve the purpose of keeping warm.

Warm drink for cold

It’s cold in winter. Most of the diseases are caused by the sudden drop of temperature and not adding clothes in time. Among them, the elderly and children are more likely to feel cold evil and appear discomfort symptoms. At this time, in addition to pay attention to keep warm, you can also drink ginger sugar Suye drink or Wushen soup to dispel wind and cold.

Ginger sugar Suye drink from Ben Cao Hui Yan, use 3 g of Suye and ginger, 15 g of brown sugar, put them into a cup together, add boiling water, soak them for a while, and then drink. If the symptoms of fever and aversion to cold are more serious, you can also try the Wushen Decoction in huizhitang empirical prescription. Use 10g Schizonepeta tenuifolia, 10g perilla leaf and 10g ginger respectively, add 6G tea, brew with boiling water, add 30g brown sugar, take it while it is hot, and then cover it with a quilt to cover the sweat. If the sweat comes out, the symptoms will be relieved.

Note: these two recipes contain brown sugar, so it is not suitable for people with diabetes or hyperlipidemia. In addition, if the illness is serious or fever of unknown reason, or should go to the hospital, find out the cause, symptomatic treatment, it is not recommended to use medicated diet at home, so as not to delay the illness.

Foot bath for cold limbs

Winter weather is cold, and human limbs belong to the human body endings, once cold, cold evil blocking collaterals, easy to lead to frostbite and so on. So winter limbs warm is particularly important, in addition to wearing thick gloves, shoes and socks, but also at home for medicine foot bath, that is, people often say feet.

Some medicinal bath prescriptions are recorded in TCM health preservation, among which Guizhi Wenjing bath and Fangfeng Jianshen bath are more suitable for winter cold season. Among them, Cinnamon Twig warm bath uses Cinnamon Twig, red peony root, dried ginger, asarum, Spatholobus, safflower, angelica, after decocting the soup for foot bath, which can achieve the effect of warming meridians and dredging Yang, dispersing cold and relieving pain. It is more suitable for the people with Yang deficiency and easy limb hypothermia. The Fangfeng Jianshen bath uses Fangfeng, kansui, Yuanhua, Xixin, Sangzhi, ginger, Schizonepeta tenuifolia. After decocting the soup, the foot bath can achieve the effect of warming meridians and dispelling wind. Long term use can enhance the body’s disease resistance and prevent colds. It is more suitable for people with body deficiency in winter.

Note: the most important point of foot bath is to pay attention to the water temperature, so as to avoid scald, especially in diabetic people, peripheral nerve damage, more prone to scald. So in the use of foot bath, it is best to try the water temperature in advance. In addition, the foot bath formula belongs to external use, which contains some slightly toxic drugs such as Asarum and Daphne genkwa, so it is not suitable for oral use. It can only be used for foot bath or fumigation, but not as a dietary medicine.

(Wei Guo, Department of nutrition, Dongfang Hospital, Beijing University of traditional Chinese Medicine)


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