Protect prostate in cold weather

It is understood that about 50% of men in a certain period of their lives will be affected by prostatitis, but the vast majority of patients with mild symptoms, a small number will be deeply disturbed by it, to affect their daily life and work.

Prostatitis is divided into type I (acute bacterial), type II (chronic bacterial), type III (chronic prostatitis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome) and type IV (asymptomatic prostatitis). Among them, type III chronic prostatitis accounts for more than 90%. Patients may feel pain due to abnormal spasm of pelvic floor muscles, blood vessels and nerves, or accompanied by frequent micturition, urgency and incompleteness. There are many risk factors for chronic prostatitis: 1. Environmental temperature and epidemiological investigation indicate that the incidence of chronic prostatitis in men in high altitude and high latitude areas is higher than that in other parts of the world, which may be related to relative hypoxia, chronic stress and reduced outdoor activity in cold climate areas; 2 There are excessive drinking, drinking less than 1000 ml per day, excessive spicy food and other bad eating habits; 3. Frequent sex (more than 2 times a week), holding urine, delayed ejaculation control; 4. They have genitourinary tract inflammation, benign prostatic hyperplasia or with lower urinary tract symptoms; 5. Daily sedentary (including overtime, cycling), lack of exercise and other bad habits.

In order to protect prostate health, we should avoid sedentary, choose soft and hard sofa or chair, drink more water to promote the discharge of harmful substances.

(Luo Yong, deputy chief physician of Urology Department of army characteristic medical center)


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