American media: Pompeo is “the worst Secretary of state in history”

American media: Pompeo is

Photo: before leaving office, U.S. Secretary of state Pompey o denounced the social and cultural boom in other countries and the United States. /Associated Press

According to the New York Times and CNN, in recent days, US Secretary of state Pompey o has staged the “doomsday Carnival” before leaving office on twitter. In addition to slandering China as usual, he has also vigorously attacked the “multiculturalism” of the United States, which has aroused public anger. According to the New York Times, Pompeo is the worst Secretary of state in the history of the United States;.

As the top diplomat of the United States, Pompeo put the handover of the government behind him in the last days, redoubled his attacks on China, Iran and other countries, and consolidated the legacy of trumpism. On the 19th, he even criticized “awakening doctrine”, “multiculturalism” and other doctrines, which are not the United States, but the differences provoked by the enemy in order to weaken the United States. The incident immediately sparked controversy. CNN accused the speech of “racist insult”. American netizen Cheri Jacobus described Pompeo as “immoral and incompetent”, calling him “loser” and “traitor”. People like him are being “swept out of the house”;.

An article in New York Times on the 18th summed up Pompey’s political career: being spurned by foreign allies, ridiculed by opponents, disgusted by subordinates, and trying to protect his political future. Pompeo’s “final madness” is to attract the “trump faction” of the Republican Party to prepare for the presidential election in 2024. However, analysts believe that he has been labeled “the worst Secretary of state in the history of the United States” and his political career is in danger.

Hua Chunying, spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry, said on the 20th that pompeio’s fabrications of various lies and pernicious drugs, including those related to Xinjiang, will be swept into the garbage heap of history along with him, and pompeio’s people will also be judged and cleared fairly by history. On the 19th, Iran’s foreign ministry announced sanctions against trump, Pompeo and other senior US officials, accusing them of participating in terrorist and inhumane actions against Iran.


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