Indian officials insist that the name of Pitaya “dragon” is related to China

Indian officials insist that the name of Pitaya

The officials in modi’s hometown have nothing to do, so they even have the idea to change the name of Pitaya. (internet photo)

British media reported that the government of Gujarat, where Indian Prime Minister modi’s hometown is located, recently decided to change the name of dragon fruit, because the leaders of the state think that the name of dragon fruit has the word “dragon” and is accused of being related to China, so they must be de sinicized.

Vijay rupani, head of Gujarat, said on Wednesday that the word “pitaya” is inappropriate because it is related to China. &”He also pointed out that the shape of Pitaya is like a lotus, so he gave it a new Sanskrit name -” kamalam & quot;.

The Sanskrit word “kamalam” means lotus and is also a symbol of India’s ruling People’s party. However, the opposition called “renaming pitaya” a gimmick, and the Gujarat parliament spokesman criticized the government for trying to divert people’s attention to practical problems because it had no achievements worthy of showing. The proposal was ridiculed by netizens, and the authorities were extremely bored.


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