25000 soldiers are not enough! US Congressmen wear bulletproof vests for Biden’s inauguration ceremony

Affected by the epidemic and congressional riots, the inauguration ceremony of the new president of the United States on the 20th was not open to the public. A large number of police and 25000 National Guard soldiers were responsible for security, but this did not reassure the guests. US media sources said that some Democrats even “wore bulletproof vests” to participate in the celebration.

According to Sarah Ferris, a reporter from the U.S. & lt; Politics & gt; news network, on the 20th, New Hampshire Democratic congressman Ann middlet Custer and other congressmen were obviously frightened by the riots in the U.S. Congress on January 6 and wore bulletproof vests at Biden’s inauguration. ABC and other US media also reported that some Democrats wore bulletproof vests to attend the ceremony, but did not specify who did it.

Not only Democrats, but Washington Post reporter Philip Lacker revealed that trump and Michigan Republican Peter major also decided to buy body armor because his life was in danger;.

Compared with the past, the security measures for this president’s inauguration ceremony are unprecedented. Fences have been erected around the Capitol building, checkpoints have been set up, traditional inauguration parades and other activities have been cancelled, and 25000 National Guard soldiers have been deployed in Washington, D.C.

&”What are they afraid of?” someone asked on social media twitter. Others believe that the use of body armor is evidence of a serious threat. Diana & middot; olbritin, an Orlando TV reporter, tweeted that as federal investigators said, the congressmen had been threatened with their lives two weeks ago.

&”Russia today” TV station revealed an ironic detail, that is, congressmen’s money for bullet proof vests comes from American taxpayers, but some Democrats have strongly opposed spending people’s money to buy protective facilities for themselves. Senate Majority Leader Schumer pushed for legislation in 2019 to specify who can buy bulletproof vests or bulletproof equipment. A Democratic congressman in New York State recently introduced a bill to ban the purchase of body armor and ask the public to hand over the existing body armor to the police.


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