The White House announces the list of acting officials of the US federal government

On the 20th local time, that is, the day Biden was sworn in as president of the United States, the official website of the White House issued a statement announcing the list of acting officials of the leadership of the United States federal government agencies, including 32 important positions such as director of the CIA and Secretary of defense, who will temporarily assume the leadership positions of the agency. The final candidates for these positions will be formally appointed after confirmation by the Senate.

The White House announces the list of acting officials of the US federal government

According to the list released by the White House, Biden appointed David & middot; Cohen as acting director of the CIA, former deputy secretary of defense David & middot; Norquist as Acting Secretary of defense temporarily, Dan & middot; Smith as Acting Secretary of state, Monty & middot; Wilkinson as Acting Secretary of justice, Wenley & middot; Coggins as Acting Secretary of Commerce, Laura & middot; Shoo is acting director of the office of the National Intelligence Agency, Maria & middot; pagan is temporarily the U.S. trade representative, and rich & middot; mills is temporarily the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

According to previous reports, Biden nominated Anthony Lincoln as secretary of state, African American retired general Lloyd Austin as secretary of defense, U.S. Federal Court of appeal judge Merrick middot, garland as attorney general, African American female diplomat Thomas Greenfield as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and Chinese American Catherine middot; Thailand is the U.S. trade representative. Currently, the U.S. Senate has confirmed Avril & middot; Haines as director of national intelligence.


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