South African variant virus may reduce vaccine efficacy

South African variant virus may reduce vaccine efficacy

Studies have shown that new vaccines need to be developed to cope with the changing new coronavirus. (Reuters photo)

The new coronavirus mutation is causing more and more concerns. A group of South African scientists released a preliminary study on Wednesday (20th) showing that the mutant virus found in South Africa can resist antibodies in plasma therapy and may reduce the efficacy of the current new coronavirus vaccine, CNN reported.

A team of scientists from three universities in South Africa, in collaboration with the National Institute of infectious diseases (NiCd) of the United States, published a paper on biorxiv and found a new variant of sars-cov-2 501y.v2, which can & quot; completely escape & quot; three types of antibodies to treat the new coronavirus. In addition, the antibodies in plasma therapy have little effect on the 501y.v2 variant virus, which means that the risk of reinfection is increased and may indicate that the efficacy of the current vaccine will be reduced.

The paper said that the specific effect of the vaccine on the 501y. V2 variant virus can only be determined through large-scale clinical trials, which can not be accurately judged at present. But the results show that the world needs to develop new vaccines to deal with the new coronavirus that is constantly mutating.


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